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Returning to Earth

“[Harrison’s] books glisten with love of the world, and are as grounded as Thoreau’s in the particulars of American place—its rivers and thickets, its…

The Woman Lit by Fireflies

“Harrison is unfailingly entertaining but he is much more—a haunting, gifted writer . . . a consummate storyteller—truly one of those writers whose books…

True North

“Harrison consistently commands our attention for his humanity and his tenderness. That he can create such tension in the process—a tension not released until…

The Raw and the Cooked

“[A] culinary combo plate of Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, Julian Schnabel, and Sam Peckinpah . . . Harrison writes with enough force to…

A Really Big Lunch

A collection of essays from “the Henry Miller of food writing” (Wall Street Journal)—beloved New York Times bestselling writer Jim Harrison.

Off to the Side

“A sprawling, impressionistic memoir as roundabout as one of the author’s famous road trips. . . . A celebration of the hearty, sensual life.”…

Legends of the Fall

“Jim Harrison stands high among the writers of his generation. This book is rich, alive, and shatteringly visceral. A triumph.” —New Yorker


“A marvelous book, written with vigor and a knowing, gravelly humor.” —Fritz Lanham, Houston Chronicle

The Great Leader

A black-comic detective novel in the vein of No Country for Old Men, Jim Harrison’s The Great Leader follows a retired detective in hilarious…