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House Reckoning

When congressional fixer Joe DeMarco finds out the truth about his father’s murder, he must decide how far he will go for revenge.

House Revenge

In the eleventh novel in Mike Lawson’s bestselling series, Joe DeMarco helps an elderly woman threatened by a shady real estate developer, then seeks…

House Rivals

In the new novel in Mike Lawson’s critically acclaimed series, Joe DeMarco is dispatched to aid a young activist in North Dakota, and confronts…

House Rules

“Lawson’s engaging characters, with DeMarco leading the pack, come across as seriously flawed individuals trying to navigate a political world of high demands and…

House Secrets

“Excellent . . . The action builds to a stunning final twist.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

House Blood

“Another page-turner brimming with authentic Washington, D.C., detail and distinctive, engaging characters.” —Library Journal

House Divided

In House Divided, fixer Joe DeMarco gets caught between two of the most powerful organizations in the world: the Pentagon and the National Security…

House Justice

“Lawson has honed his skill to write a perfect political thriller—fast-moving, cynical, but ultimately moral.” —Library Journal (starred review)