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Alligator Alley

The latest thriller from Edgar and Barry Award finalist Mike Lawson starring his beloved “troubleshooter” Joe DeMarco


Convicted of insider trading, Jamison Maddox reluctantly accepts a mysterious job that soon takes an ominous twist, sending him on the run from powerful…

House Standoff

The fifteenth novel in Mike Lawson’s acclaimed series follows Joe DeMarco to Wyoming, scene of a storied armed standoff between a defiant cattle rancher…

House Privilege

In House Privilege, the fourteenth novel in the DeMarco series, Mike Lawson sends his likable protagonist on a journey that begins in Boston and…

House Arrest

In the thirteenth book in Mike Lawson’s celebrated series, Joe DeMarco finds himself on the wrong side of an investigation—in the wake of a…

House Witness

The twelfth novel in the Joe DeMarco series, Mike Lawson puts his likable protagonist on the trail of a different kind of fixer.

The Second Perimeter

“A rich variety of spies, former spies, and criminal operatives entangled in a deadly and suspenseful war of attack and reprisal. What could be…

The Inside Ring

“The kind of whodunit thriller you can’t stop thinking about while you’re reading and can’t stop talking about once you’re done. Smart, original, crafted…

House Odds

“Odds favor a good time for the reader as DeMarco faces his eighth case: a looming insider trading scandal with potentially fatal consequences. ….

House Reckoning

When congressional fixer Joe DeMarco finds out the truth about his father’s murder, he must decide how far he will go for revenge.