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Rockaby & Other Short Pieces

“In love with the aside, the tangential comment, the footnote and the mathematical calculation . . . Beckett has fashioned a vehicle for himself in drama and prose that allows him to be romantic and irreverent at one and the same instant.” —The New Republic…

Three Novels

“More powerful and important than Godot. . . . Mr. Beckett seeks to empty the novel of its usual recognizable objects—plot, situation, characters—and yet…

Stories and Texts for Nothing

“This volume of Beckett miniatures–three longish stories and thirteen vignettes, [comprises] fragments from the finest body of work produced by any [contemporary] writer.” –Newsweek

Novels I of Samuel Beckett

Edited by Paul Auster, this four-volume set of Beckett’s canon has been designed by award winner Laura Lindgren. Available individually, as well as in…