Indie Next Pick

20 books
40 80 120 Per Page

July 2024


by Sin Blaché and Helen Macdonald

April 2024

I Cheerfully Refuse

by Leif Enger

February 2024

The Applicant

by Nazlı Koca

January 2024

Better the Blood

by Michael Bennett

May 2023

Life Ceremony

by Sayaka Murata

May 2023

The Covenant of Water

by Abraham Verghese

April 2023

Also a Poet

by Ada Calhoun

March 2023

Reptile Memoirs

by Silje Ulstein

March 2023

Young Mungo

by Douglas Stuart

January 2023

The Guest Lecture

by Martin Riker

November 2022

Love in the Big City

by Sang Young Park

November 2022

Five Tuesdays in Winter

by Lily King

November 2022


by Claire Keegan

February 2022

Milk Blood Heat

by Dantiel W. Moniz

November 2021

Small Things Like These

by Claire Keegan

July 2021

Crooked Hallelujah

by Kelli Jo Ford

July 2021

Vesper Flights

by Helen Macdonald

April 2021

Braised Pork

by An Yu

November 2015

The Forgers

by Bradford Morrow

November 2014

The Bird Skinner

by Alice Greenway