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River Road to China

by Milton Osborne

“As exciting as it is historically illuminating . . . A tale of heroism that has seldom been duplicated, spurred by the continuing, fatal…

Wild People

by Andro Linklater

“[Linklater] presents anthropology without the jargon here, an honest and often humorous look at the Ibans’ way of life and that of the modern…

The Story of Tibet

by Thomas Laird

“A readable, fascinating account of Tibet’s history from the beginning. . . . Laird teaches a memorable and vivid history lesson about a remote…

The Mekong

by Milton Osborne

“For those who have not read about the exploration of the Mekong or the discovery of Angkor and the impact it had on the outside world, there is perhaps no better guide than Osborne.” –Grant Evans, Asiaweek…

Into Tibet

by Thomas Laird

“A scrupulously documented account of Cold War intrigue. . . . [Provides] a detailed view into the CIA’s shadowy world and the havoc it…

How Asia Works

by Joe Studwell

“Provocative. . . . How Asia Works is a striking and enlightening book . . . A lively mix of scholarship, reporting and polemic.”…

The Hidden War

by Artyom Borovik

“[A] remarkable book . . . Borovik manages to convey an intimate sense of the war in Afghanistan with the novelist’s eye for the telling image. . . . Borovik…

Burmese Looking Glass

by Edith Mirante

“Edith Mirante is like Edgar Snow reincarnated as a biker chick with a taste for Dewar’s cut with bear’s blood. Burmese Looking Glass is…

The Autobiography of a Tibetan Monk

by Palden Gyatso

“I believe that few readers of this book will fail to be moved by Palden Gyatso’s story and the tenacity and dedication it displays….

Asian Godfathers

by Joe Studwell

“A myth-shattering look at Southeast Asia’s powerful Chinese tycoons . . . A richly reported study of power and stunted economic development.” —BusinessWeek…