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World Made by Hand

by James Howard Kunstler

“Far from a typical post-apocalyptic novel. It caters neither to a pseudo-morbid nor faddishly slick vision of the future. Though grim with portent, it…

The Weather Makers

by Tim Flannery

“At last, here is a clear and readable account of one of the most important but controversial issues facing everyone in the world today. If you are not already addicted to Tim Flannery’s writing, discover him now: The Weather Makers is his best book yet.” –Jared Diamond, author of Collapse…

To the Elephant Graveyard

by Tarquin Hall

“To see wild India from the vantage point of an elephant’s back is thrilling. And what becomes of the rogue and the reasons for…

Silent Snow

by Marla Cone

“A riveting narrative as notable for its conversational fluency as for the clarity of its alarming information. . . . Cone’s superb and affecting…

Atmosphere of Hope

by Tim Flannery

A decade after his groundbreaking book The Weather Makers, Tim Flannery argues that Earth’s climate system is fast approaching a crisis but that there…