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A History of France

by John Julius Norwich

The world-renowned historian John Julius Norwich has delivered the book he has always wanted to write: a single-volume history of France.

The Rise of Germany, 1939-1941

by James Holland

The first volume in a major, wide-ranging three-volume revisionist history of World War II in Europe, North Africa, and the Atlantic from a highly…

Victory 1918

by Alan Palmer

…muck and mire of France. . . . [It] provides food for thought and reflection on the futility of war as an instrument of policy.” –Norman N. Brown, Chicago Tribune…


by Gaston Dorren

A whirlwind armchair tour of Europe through its languages, from Gaelic to Gagauz, Macedonian to Monégasque, covering six thousand years of history and sixty languages…

Havel: A Life

by Michael Zantovsky

The definitive biography of Václav Havel—writer, dissident, and Czech president—that chronicles his journey from playwright to national leader, intimately recounted by his former press…

Four Princes

by John Julius Norwich

Renowned historian John Julius Norwich has created a brilliant portrait of four dynamic rulers—all born between 1491 and 1500—who collectively shaped modern Europe and…

The Congress of Vienna

by Harold Nicolson

“With swift pace, clear focus and a series of brilliant character sketches, this is narrative history at its best.” –The New York Times