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First, Catch

by Thom Eagle

Praised in Britain as a return to a forgotten tradition of literary food writing, a delectable and surprising celebration of cooking through the story…


by Tim Ecott

“While the scientific information is plentiful, detailed and readable, as the title suggests it is a story of the author’s travels, his love affair…

Stalin and the Scientists

by Simon Ings

An eye-opening history of science in the Soviet Union, following the generation of scientists who survived Stalin’s rule and helped to reshape the world.


by Jonathan Tucker

“A well-written, informative history of the eradication of smallpox disease. The author’s authoritative command of the intrigue surrounding the ‘stay of execution” of the…

A Natural History of Human Emotions

by Stuart Walton

“Historians, anthropologists, and philosophers have long investigated the gamut of human emotions; here their conjectures and influences coalesce. . . . Drawing on a…

Much Depends On Dinner

by Margaret Visser

“Fascinating . . . Margaret Visser is a gifted informal writer, and these chapters combine a wealth of unusual information with extreme readability. . . . In short, Visser whetted my appetite, and I am hungry for more.” —USA Today…


by Russell Miller

‘miller deftly conveys the excitement of being a photojournalist at a time when world events were unfolding at a furious pace . . ….

I Learn from Children

by Caroline Pratt

The wise, timeless story of a pioneering school, the ingenious woman who created it, and the lessons we can learn—from children.


by Val McDermid

Internationally bestselling crime writer Val McDermid picks up the scalpel to uncover the secrets of forensic science, from the crime scene to the courtroom.

Fallen Order

by Karen Liebreich

“A sordid tale of pederast priests and blind-eye bishops: a headline fit for today, that is 350-odd years old. . . . Liebrich’s account…