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City of Laughter

by Temim Fruchter

A rich and riveting debut spanning four generations of Eastern European Jewish women bound by blood, half-hidden secrets, and the fantastical visitation of a…

Enemies and Neighbors

by Ian Black

“Comprehensive and compelling . . . A nuanced, landmark study that has deservedly won plaudits from both Palestinian and Israeli historians.” —Sunday Times (UK)

The Last Jew

by Yoram Kaniuk

“Of the novelists I have discovered in translation . . . the three for whom I have the greatest admiration are Gabriel García Márquez,…

Fault Lines

by Nancy Huston

“Vivid and lush. . . . Huston keeps us invested in smaller moments . . . These exquisitely evoked scenes are just as formative…

Dancing Arabs

by Sayed Kashua

“Gritty and agile. . . . As a portrait of a young man’s drift into emotional no man’s land, [Dancing Arabs] has the feel…

Commander of the Exodus

by Yoram Kaniuk

“Kaniuk portrays an ugly episode in history and provides much-needed historical depth to contemporary political debates.” –Publishers Weekly

The Cap

by Roman Frister

“Staggering in its honesty . . . a taut and compulsively readable narrative that makes fresh again horrors that have become familiar . ….

But You Did Not Come Back

by Marceline Loridan-Ivens

A phenomenal success in Europe, But You Did Not Come Back is an important addition to the library of Holocaust literature—a deeply moving story…

Budapest 1900

by John Lukacs

“John Lukacs is in many ways an old-fashioned chronicler, an “impressionistic historian” as he himself says at one point, evoking with considerable artistry the…