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Secret Soldier

by Muki Betser

“[Muki Betser] speaks eloquently of the role of commando units, but also deplores violence, capping his riveting combat stories with a paean to peace…

Salam Pax

by Salam Pax

“He was funny, precise, and brave from a position no one on this side of the crosshairs will ever face. . . . The…

War Law

by Michael Byers

“Should be read, and pondered, by those who are seriously concerned with the legacy we will leave to future generations.” —Noam Chomsky

Victory 1918

by Alan Palmer

“Victory 1918 covers all the theaters of war, not only the muck and mire of France. . . . [It] provides food for thought…

A Spy at the Heart of the Third Reich

by Lucas Delattre

“For a long time hardly anyone was aware of just how courageous and determined Fritz Kolbe was in resisting the Nazi regime. . ….

My War Gone By, I Miss It So

by Anthony Loyd

Anthony Loyd’s gripping depiction of the depravity of war in Bosnia and Chechnya “places him into the great tradition of Hemingway, Caputo, and Michael…

My Friend the Mercenary

by James Brabazon

“Intensely vivid story of war and the peculiar breed of warriors who fight in 21st-century Africa. . . A haunting memoir and tribute to…

Here I Am

by Alan Huffman

“Huffman looks at what it means to be a war reporter in the twenty-first century through the lens of the iconic Hetherington’s life.” —New…

Fortunate Son

by Lewis Puller

“Passionate. . . . Puller writes with simplicity and candor, with touches of spontaneous humor. His outcry of agony and isolation, while harrowing, leaves…

The Deserter’s Tale

by Joshua Key

“Destined to become part of the literature of the Iraq war . . . Key’s clear voice rings out . . . with anguish…