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by Michael Bamberger

“Bamberger spends a year learning the individual stories that make up a senior class, weaving them together for a composite portrait that, we hope, will give us a clear vision of a changing America. . . . For most of the students Bamberger introduces to us, it seems likely that…

Within the Context of No Context

by George W.S Trow

“The writing in this book is so extraordinary. It is as if George Trow had dived down in some deep sea and had taken…

The Voyeur’s Motel

by Gay Talese

From Gay Talese, a remarkable new work of reportage more than thirty years in the making.


by Iain Gately

“Ambitious . . . informative and perceptive . . . Gately has done a great deal of research . . . and has assembled…

Ten Unknowns

by Jon Robin Baitz

“Jon Robin Baitz has a singular talent as a playwright for combining smart and biting social criticism with humor and tenderness.” –Sean Mitchell, The…

There’s a Riot Going On

by Peter Doggett

“Fascinating . . . There’s a Riot Going On [is] a step toward drawing a distinction between the fanatic and the visionary, the image…

Teenage Hipster in the Modern World

by Mark Jacobson

“In his vibrant, pulsing journalism, Mark Jacobson consistently displays the essential quality of a great musician: the sense of surprise. He looks, he listens,…

Storming Heaven

by Jay Stevens

“Fascinating . . . The most compelling account yet of how these hallucinogenic, or psychedelic, drugs became an explosive force in postwar American history.”…

Sterling’s Gold

by Roger Sterling, Jr.

The memoir written by fictional character Roger Sterling is chockfull of witty anecdotes and memorable quotes from the hit show, Mad Men.


by Robert Sabbag

“A flat-out ballbuster. It moves like a threshing machine with a fuel tank full of ether. . . . Sabbag is a whip-song writer.” —Hunter S. Thompson…