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Flight of the WASP

by Michael Gross

Fifteen families. Four hundred years. The complex saga of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite in America’s history.

El Norte

by Carrie Gibson

A sweeping saga of the Spanish history and influence in North America over five centuries, from the acclaimed author of Empire’s Crossroads

The Three Roosevelts

by James MacGregor Burns

…reshaped the last century and whose values are resilient even at the beginning of the next one. They have explored what each of these personalities–for they were more, and less, than ordinary people–thought and, more importantly, what they thought when they did what they did.” –David M. Shribman, Boston Globe…

Old World, New World

by Kathleen Burk

“This stunning and important work is destined to become the benchmark study of this topic for many years to come.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)…

Neither Snow Nor Rain

by Devin Leonard

Few institutions are as loved, as loathed, and as historically important as the United States Post Office, the subject of this landmark century-spanning social, political, and economic history.

Land of Lincoln

by Andrew Ferguson

“Ferguson’s story, a fascinating collection of his reporting, is about us as much as Lincoln. It is a vibrant and consistently surprising account that…


by Jonathan Gill

“[A] panoramic history . . . Gill blends high-density research, political and cultural sophistication, and narrative drive to produce an epic worthy of its fabled subject.” —Edward Kosner, The Wall Street Journal…

Elvis Presley Boulevard

by Mark Winegardener

Elvis Presley Boulevard chronicles the trip we’ve all taken — or wanted to take — into the country that confounds its admirers and delights…

Citizen Tom Paine

by Howard Fast

“Howard Fast has taken a figure out of American history and by the inten­sity of his emotional sympathy and intellectual response has made him…