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Gould’s Book of Fish

by Richard Flanagan

“What’s memorable–even extraordinary–about this book are Flanagan’s aphoristic talent, his imagination and his uncanny ability to channel the Rabelaisian voices of the great picaresque writers–Fielding, Sterne, Smollet. . . . [Flanagan] remains unique, one of the novel’s most ambitious talents, one whose every book . . . commands our attention.”…

Jonathan Coleman

…the Rainmaker, was a featured selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club and was praised by Time (“Striking”), The New York Times Book Review (“Fascinating”) and The Los Angeles Times Book Review (“A fascinating symbolic statement of the American psyche”). In addition, he wrote a profile of Maya Lin, designer of the…

Book of Days

by Lanford Wilson

“A significant addition to the Lanford Wilson canon . . . his best work since 5th of July. . . . Book of Days manages to combine Wilson’s signature character-based whimsy with an atypically strong narrative book and politically charged underpinnings.” –Chris Jones, Variety…

Book of Clouds

by Chloe Aridjis

“The opening is a knockout. . . . Aridjis beautifully captures Tatiana’s conflicting sense of certainty and impossibility . . . in this novel of ideas.” —Kirkus Reviews…

Say Her Name

by Francisco Goldman

“Passionate and moving . . . [about] the miracle of the astonishing, spirited, deeply original young woman Francisco Goldman so adored . . . At times I felt the book itself had a pulse.” —Robin Romm, The New York Times Book Review…

Book of the Little Axe

by Lauren Francis-Sharma

Ambitious and masterfully wrought, Lauren Francis-Sharma’s Book of the Little Axe is an incredible journey, spanning decades and oceans from Trinidad to the American West during the tumultuous days of warring colonial powers and westward expansion….

The Grove Book of Hollywood

by Christopher Silvester

“For anyone who enjoys the rich folklore, strange tribal rites, and tarnished idols of the celluloid jungles, the book is a feast.” –Entertainment Weekly…

The Book of Dave

by Will Self

Available from Grove for the first time, Will Self’s much-celebrated novel, dubbed by Sam Lipsyte “his satiric masterpiece . . . gripping, funny, and pleasurably intricate”


by Sherman Alexie

“Gutsy . . . Alexie has established an impressive literary reputation as a bold writer who goes straight for the aorta. He is in the business of making his readers laugh and cry. And his most recent novel is no exception. . . . Right up to the novel’s final…

The Book of Gin

by Richard Barnett

“Well-balanced and bracingly smooth, Richard Barnett’s The Book of Gin is equal parts rich and intoxicating narrative mixed with an entertaining and wholly accessible era-spanning history of one of the world’s most storied spirits.” —Brad Thomas Parsons, author of Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All…