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One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night

by Christopher Brookmyre

“Broad humor, splatters of dialogue, gross-out violence . . . and breakneck plotting.” –The New York Times Book Review

  • Imprint Grove Paperback
  • Page Count 384
  • Publication Date May 19, 2003
  • ISBN-13 978-0-8021-3980-1
  • Dimensions 5.5" x 8.25"
  • US List Price $12.00

About The Book

Like a highball mix of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiassen, Christopher Brookmyre is back with his most lethal book yet: One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night.

Gavin Hutchinson had it all planned out. A unique “floating holiday experience” on a converted North Sea oil rig, a haven for tourists who want a vacation but without the hassle of actually going anywhere. And what better way to test out his venture than to host a fifteenth-year high school reunion, the biggest social event of his life, except no one remembers who Gavin is. That, and his wife has discovered his philandering ways and plans to leave Gavin with a very public announcement in front of his assembled guests. Throw in a band of mercenaries who crash the party and you have a wicked farce of a thriller from one of the most original voices in mystery fiction.


“Broad humor, splatters of dialogue, gross-out violence . . . and breakneck plotting.” –The New York Times Book Review

“When most people consider the invitation to a 15th high school reunion, they wonder how fat, how bald and how successful their former classmates are now. [But] Brookmyre shows us reunion preparation should also involve survival and hand-to-hand combat skills. . . . Watch as champagne bottles morph into defensive weapons.” –Elaine Rounds Budd, The Hartford Courant

“Furiously paced and wonderfully absurd, with more one-liners than a Colombian coke dealer.” –Maxim

“Picture a satirical spoof of Die Hard. . . . The exciting story line takes no prisoners as the ensemble cast provides macho action yet deep social commentary.” –James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

“It’s a wild and wacky world that Brookmyre’s characters inhabit, where the humor is broad, the violence uninvolving, and often very funny.” –Michael F.

Hennessey, I Love a Mystery

“I’m grateful to Grove press for introducing Brookmyre to me; after this one, I’ll be seeking Brookmyre’s earlier books, to see if they’re as good.” –Art Amos, Davis Enterprise

“With a dizzying display of mayhem and violence. . . . . Brookmyre has a gift for keeping the reader continually off balance. . . . Pulp Fiction meets And Then There Were None in this blend of thriller and black comedy.” –Connie Fletcher, Booklist

“A high-octane sense of the absurd.” –The Times (London)

“Tremendous fun.” –The Guardian (London)