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Welcome to the Game

by Craig Henderson

From a brilliant new voice, Welcome to the Game is a gripping thriller that races through Motor City at heart-stopping pace as its protagonists swerve to…


by Mark Haskell Smith

“[Mark Haskell Smith’s] characters include a not-so-usual suspect lineup of hustlers, sex addicts, supermodels, failed rock stars, wine-buff cops, psychos and flakes. Haskell Smith…

Quite Ugly One Morning

by Christopher Brookmyre

“A lean, nasty, fun little page-turner . . . In a thriller, an implausible scene of a cartoonish character can be annoying—but dullness is…

One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night

by Christopher Brookmyre

“Broad humor, splatters of dialogue, gross-out violence . . . and breakneck plotting.” –The New York Times Book Review

The Old Turk’s Load

by Gregory Gibson

“Gibson’s elliptical, ever-evolving plot seems a marriage of Raymond Chandler complexity and Donald E. Westlake comic haplessness, but he imbues his characters with a…

Not the End of the World

by Christopher Brookmyre

“Perpetually in-your-face: sassy, irreverent, and stylish . . . [with] a high-octane sense of the absurd.” —The Times (London)


by Mark Haskell Smith

“Smith’s energetic thriller is an ode to the hard-boiled Los Angeles of Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy, spun out in brighter-than-life Starburst colors.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review…

Man with an Axe

by Jon A. Jackson

“Addictive.” –Chicago Tribune

La Donna Detroit

by Jon A. Jackson

“A masterpiece of diabolic design . . . [Jackson] keeps edging this series onto bolder levels of ironic wit.” –The New York Times Book…

Hit on the House

by Jon A. Jackson

“The best-kept secret of hard-boiled crime fiction connoisseurs . . . The guns, the gore, the nitty and the gritty–Mr. Jackson always gets it…