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The Sword and the Cross

“[A] searing story of France’s attempt to colonize the vast Sahara desert and of two unforgettable men who dedicated their lives to the effort….

Off the Map

“Fleming recounts the dizzying lives and eccentric quirks of 55 of our most fearless explorers.” –Tyler Cabot, Esquire

Ninety Degrees North

“[A] superb history of the conquest of the North Pole. . . . In Fleming’s vivid prose, their suffering becomes a fable of men…

Killing Dragons

“Excellent popular history, with its proper share of mad dogs and Englishmen. . . . dramatic and masterful.” –Anthony Brandt, National Geographic Adventure…

Barrow’s Boys

“An engrossing and moving story of high endeavour and frustrated hope. . . . Get hold of this book and read it.” –Barry Unsworth, Sunday Telegraph…