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The mesmerizing follow-up to Itani’s award-winning Deafening, Tell charts the year 1919, when “the boys” came home from the Great War.


“Remarkable . . . Requiem delicately probes the complex adjustments we make to live with our sorrows.. . . [A] perfectly modulated novel.” —Wendy…

Remembering the Bones

“With this book, Itani joins a group of novelists who have chronicled quiet lives from start to finish, uncovering treasure in their dark corners….


“Moving and memorable. . . . Itani is an artist who understands what to include and what to leave out, when to whisper and when to shout. . . . Hers is a fiction of quiet but steady revelation. . . . Itani’s writing is merely breathtaking.” –Dan Cryer, Newsday…