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“By some miracle of training, which recalls the linguistic bravado of Conrad and Nabokov, he is already a master of pungent and disciplined English…


“Kosinski has created a suspenseful, readable, and unsentimental tale that showcases his love for and knowledge of music and examines the nature of fame…

Passion Play

“Like Dostoyevsky’s, Kosinski’s characters explore their own souls, always reaching for limits. . . . The results are never less than compelling.” –Time

The Painted Bird

“Of all the remarkable fiction that emerged from World War II, nothing stands higher than Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird. A magnificent work of…

The Devil Tree

“Savage . . . [Whalen is] a foolproof, timeless American character. . . . Each horrid, magical episode . . . releases, between the…


“A dazzling succession of . . . erotic episodes . . . Cockpit defines itself (as Kosinski does his hero) by the suicidal chances it takes . . . brilliantly defying the limitations of its form.” –The New York Times Book Review…

Blind Date

“Kosinski’s vitality and inventiveness . . . are as irresistible as ever.” –Time

Being There

“A tantalizing knuckleball of a book delivered with perfectly timed satirical hops and metaphysical flutters.” –Time