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A Woman Run Mad

“Breathtaking . . . one of the most intense reading experiences I’ve had in recent memory . . . Impossible to put down.” –The…

The Shrine at Altamira

‘mesmerizing . . . a powerful and affecting story about love’s most anguished and disturbing permutations.” –Timothy Hunter, Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Miracle

Witty, profound, and deeply moving, The Miracle explores the way God meddles in our lives . . . and to what end. The Miracle is John L’Heureux’s finest,…

An Honorable Profession

“An Honorable Profession is a novel about survival both personal and professional, not merely that but survival with dignity and self-respect. It is itself…

Having Everything

“A master of understated, ominous moments in a marriage in which not asking a question can be more disastrous than asking it . ….