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Spanking the Maid

“Not only exceedingly brief but nearly flawless. . . To err is human, to spank divine.” –The New York Times Book Review

The Public Burning

“I would guess that since World War II only Lolita, The Invisible Man, and Catch-22 are in [The Public Burning‘s] class for durability. But…

Pinocchio in Venice

‘Mr. Coover’s work has long occupied a place of honor … He goes at his task with an almost alarming linguistic energy, a Burgessy…

Gerald’s Party

“At one and the same time, a metaphysical and comic murder mystery, a Grimm’s fairy tale, a Greek tragedy, and a complicated experimental novel…

Ghost Town

“The lonesome abstract cadences suggest Samuel Beckett. . . . As a gunsmokin” wordslinger, Coover rides high in the saddle.” –The Boston Globe

Briar Rose

“Brilliant . . . surely one of the most perfectly executed literary gems ever.” –Los Angeles Times