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by Terry McDonell

Wyoming (The Lost Poems) introduces a sharp new voice that rings true in image and narrative, from the boomtowns of Wyoming to the after-hours clubs of downtown Manhattan….

The Woods, Lakeboat, Edmond

by David Mamet

“[Mamet’s] language has never been so precise, pure, and affecting.”–Richard Eder, The New York Times

The Whole Five Feet

by Christopher Beha

“Disarming . . . Unpretentious . . . The Whole Five Feet reads like a charming college syllabus, written by a warm-hearted professor, who…

Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them

by Christopher Durang

“A whirligig fun house . . . Durang’s funniest play! . . . hilarious new comedy.” —Ben Brantley, The New York Times…

The White Eyelash

by Susan Kinsolving

“Here is The White Eyelash, proving that a poet can carefully sustain solid inventive work from book to book, poem to poem. . ….

The Waverly Gallery

by Kenneth Lonergan

“A stirring and soulful, comic drama . . . classically so, a la Glass Menagerie. . . . Waverly is often deeply funny. It…

Wait Till I’m Dead

by Allen Ginsberg

A crucial new addition to Allen Ginsberg’s oeuvre, Wait Till I’m Dead collects for the first time 103 poems by Ginsberg, some never before…

Visiting Edna & Good for Otto

by David Rabe

A collection of two groundbreaking new plays by Tony Award–winning dramatist David Rabe, exploring aging and mental health in modern America.