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Where the Spirits Dwell

by Tobias Schneebaum

“A travelogue exotic enough to captivate even reluctant armchair travelers.” –Los Angeles Times

Keep the River on Your Right

by Tobias Schneebaum

“Authentic, deeply moving, sensuously written, and incredibly haunting, an exploration of realms of personal identity that emerges on the far side of Conrad’s Heart…

The Healing Land

by Rupert Isaacson

“A more clear-sighted view [of the Bushmen] is long overdue–which makes Rupert Isaacson’s book most welcome.” –The Economist

The Fruitful Darkness

by Joan Halifax

“An exceptional piece of work—large, mythic, specific, personal, rooted, wild, hungry, full of open heart.” —Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones