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If Walls Could Speak

by Moshe Safdie

One of the world’s greatest and most thoughtful architects recounts his extraordinary career and the iconic structures he has built—from Habitat in Montreal to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore—and offers a manifesto for the role architecture should play in society

The Unknown Night

by Glyn Vincent

“The best book yet written about this neglected and fascinating American painter. . . . Vincent does an excellent job of providing context for…

Unreasonable Behavior

by Don McCullin

The acclaimed autobiography of one of the greatest living photojournalists.

True Colors

by Anthony Haden-Guest

“A literate, knowledgeable, and highly personal voyage through the turbulence of the art world from 1973 to the present. One would be hard-pressed to…

I Am Hamlet

by Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff has created an intensely personal analysis of the play with a line-by-line examination of the text and the way he approached it…


by Jean Stein

“Through a kaleidoscope of seemingly fragmented voices, patterns form, giving brilliant definition to the very American tragedy of Edie Sedgwick, a woman not likely…


by Alexandra Lapierre

“The most comprehensive treatment ever [of Artemisia] in a new book that is already an international best-seller.” –Vanity Fair

All Tomorrow’s Parties

by Rob Spillman

Rob Spillman’s intimate, spirited memoir of his fierce pursuit of an artistic life as a young man and a lively portrait of Berlin in…