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The Unknown Night

by Glyn Vincent

“The best book yet written about this neglected and fascinating American painter. . . . Vincent does an excellent job of providing context for…

Unreasonable Behavior

by Don McCullin

The acclaimed autobiography of one of the greatest living photojournalists.

True Colors

by Anthony Haden-Guest

“A literate, knowledgeable, and highly personal voyage through the turbulence of the art world from 1973 to the present. One would be hard-pressed to…

I Am Hamlet

by Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff has created an intensely personal analysis of the play with a line-by-line examination of the text and the way he approached it…


by Jean Stein

“Through a kaleidoscope of seemingly fragmented voices, patterns form, giving brilliant definition to the very American tragedy of Edie Sedgwick, a woman not likely…


by Alexandra Lapierre

“The most comprehensive treatment ever [of Artemisia] in a new book that is already an international best-seller.” –Vanity Fair

All Tomorrow’s Parties

by Rob Spillman

Rob Spillman’s intimate, spirited memoir of his fierce pursuit of an artistic life as a young man and a lively portrait of Berlin in…