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River Road to China

by Milton Osborne

“As exciting as it is historically illuminating . . . A tale of heroism that has seldom been duplicated, spurred by the continuing, fatal…

Red Star Over China

by Edgar Snow

A reissue of Edgar Snow’s classic account as the first Westerner to meet Mao and the Chinese Communist leaders in 1936.

Night Train to Turkistan

by Stuart Stevens

“Night Train to Turkistan is one of the best of the [travel] genre yet to appear. . . . Stevens has a bright, nearly…

The Mekong

by Milton Osborne

“For those who have not read about the exploration of the Mekong or the discovery of Angkor and the impact it had on the outside world, there is perhaps no better guide than Osborne.” –Grant Evans, Asiaweek…

Madame Chiang Kai-shek

by Laura Tyson Li

“Madame Chiang Kai-Shek belongs with Eleanor Roosevelt and Eva Peron as three of the most politically influential women of the past century.” —Deirdre Donahue,…

Life and Death in Shanghai

by Nien Cheng

“The extraordinary story of an extraordinary woman who, despite 6 1/2 long years of imprisonment and torment in Communist China, not only survived but…

The Great Wall

by Julia Lovell

“From its title, one expects a history of the Great Wall, and in that she does not disappoint. But she delivers much, much more…

Daughter of the River

by Hong Ying

“This remarkable account of a childhood spent on the banks of the Yangtze River . . . explores the depths of personal and civil…