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The Zen Teaching of Huang Po

by John Blofeld

A source of inspiration for students of Zen in East and West alike.

Zen: Tradition and Transition

by Kenneth Kraft

“A significant collection of essays . . . Unlike most books about Zen, which state or imply that (like Gertrude Stein’s rose) enlightenment is…

Zen Poems of China and Japan

by Lucien Stryk

“The excellent [volume] is a fine introduction to Chinese and Japanese Zen poetry for all readers.” –Choice

World of the Buddha

by Lucien Stryk

“Lucien Stryk does here for Buddhism as a whole what he did earlier with Zen. . . . The best available translations have been…

What the Buddha Taught

by Walpola Rahula

“Dr. Rahula returns to the earliest recorded teachings of the Buddha to provide us with a solid foundation into a fascinating religion. . ….

The Way and Its Power

by Lao Tzu

A guide to transcending everyday appearances and dilemmas in order to find peace in the immortal spirit of Tao.

Triumph of the Sparrow

by Lucien Stryk

“You need know nothing of Zen to become immersed in his work. You will inevitably know something of Zen when you emerge.” – Jim…

The Spirit of Zen

by Alan Watts

“Alan Watts is the brain and Buddha of American Zen.” –The Nation

Manual of Zen Buddhism

by D.T. Suzuki

‘suzuli’s works on Zen Buddhism are among the best contributions to the knowledge of living Buddhism . . . We cannot be sufficiently grateful…