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by Barry Miles

The definitive biography of religion-baiting, Republican-hating, chain-smoking, coffee-addicted, classically trained guitar virtuoso Frank Zappa.

The Wagner Clan

by Jonathan Carr

“Jonathan Carr’s history is formidable and, fortunately for readers, he has not been discouraged by the essentially disagreeable nature of this sprawling saga. ….


by Randall Sullivan

“The first deep-dive narrative by a veteran journalist covering the King of Pop’s convoluted final years on earth . . . [Untouchable] helps cast…

Prince: A Thief in the Temple

by Brian Morton

“Efficient and carefully researched . . . Morton’s book fulfills admirably its most important duty, which is to send you back to the music…


by Ben Watt

“Told with great wit and without self-pity, Patient is a sobering look at how life can suddenly be transformed into a humbling vaudeville of…

Mozart in the Jungle

by Blair Tindall

“Her description of life in the famous Allendale building…is delightful, as are her portraits of fellow musicians and her stories of life in the…

A Joyful Noise

by Deborah Weisgall

“Weisgall’s lucid prose, her eye for detail, her ability to evoke characters and tell a story keep one turning pages.” –Los Angeles Times

Guided by Voices: A Brief History

by James Greer

“Guided By Voices: A Brief History delves into [Robert Pollard’s] music and the vast circle of rock musicians which have contributed to his development….

A Drink with Shane MacGowan

by Shane MacGowan

“Entertaining and shocking at the same time. . . . Informative and fun. . . . This book is really good because, in a…