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Guided by Voices: A Brief History

by James Greer

“Guided By Voices: A Brief History delves into [Robert Pollard’s] music and the vast circle of rock musicians which have contributed to his development….

A Drink with Shane MacGowan

by Shane MacGowan

“Entertaining and shocking at the same time. . . . Informative and fun. . . . This book is really good because, in a…

Down the Highway

by Howard Sounes

“Sounes [has] produced [a] fascinating and finely written account of Dylan’s life and times, while managing at the same time to provide interesting evaluations…

Don’t Rhyme for the Sake of Riddlin’

by Russell Myrie

A rare behind-the-music look at Chuck D, Professor Griff, and Flavor Flav’s groundbreaking collective hip-hop assault that was Public Enemy—a group that fought the…

Complicated Shadows

by Graeme Thomson

“Sensitive, impeccably researched account of his journey from pub-rock mediocrity in Flip City to New Wave megastardom with the Attractions and beyond.” –Time Out…

The Cello Suites

by Eric Siblin

“This is one of the most extraordinary, clever, beautiful, and impeccably researched books I have read in years. A fascinating story deftly told—and, for…


by John Suchet

“Suchet’s explanations of Beethoven’s music sing to us almost as if we could hear it. . . . [A] deeply moving, outstanding biography.” —Kirkus…