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The Wrong Hands

by Mark Billingham

This is one case Detective Miller won’t want to open . . . The second rip-roaring mystery from multi-award-winning international bestseller Mark Billingham starring…

Holy City

by Henry Wise

“Holy City is an amazing piece of work. A Southern novel that examines the pathos and ethos of small-town life and the weight of both…

A World of Hurt

by Mindy Mejia

When someone dies to save your life, how do you ever forgive them? A World of Hurt is Mindy Mejia’s highly-anticipated follow-up to the “propulsive”…

Return to Blood

by Michael Bennett

From the author of Better the Blood, the gripping second novel in a crime series starring Māori detective Hana Westerman, in which the discovery…

The Dredge

by Brendan Flaherty

“Flaherty writes with stealthy acuity, his prose seemingly simple yet full of coiled power. . . . Multiple hauntings emerge in ‘The Dredge,’ and…

Don’t Turn Around

by Harry Dolan

The police call him Merkury. He’s a killer who seems to choose his victims at random. He leaves no evidence behind, and no witnesses….

The Last Dance

by Mark Billingham

The first new series in two decades from multi-award-winning international bestseller Mark Billingham that introduces Detective Miller: a man who’s unique, unconventional, and criminally…

Better the Blood

by Michael Bennett

An absorbing, clever debut thriller that speaks to the longstanding injustices faced by New Zealand’s indigenous peoples, by an acclaimed Māori screenwriter and director

Welcome to the Game

by Craig Henderson

From a brilliant new voice, Welcome to the Game is a gripping thriller that races through Motor City at heart-stopping pace as its protagonists swerve to…

The Woman in the Blue Cloak

by Deon Meyer

Internationally acclaimed writer Deon Meyer returns to his beloved Benny Griessel series with a case that combines the disappearance of an Old Masters painting…