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The Royal Nonesuch

by Glasgow Phillips

“The Royal Nonesuch is very funny, far too real for comfort, and even, finally, life-affirming. To borrow a phrase from Mr. Phillips, reading this…

Valley of the Dolls

by Jacqueline Susann

“Decades ahead of its time . . . Mesmerizing . . . The equation of emotional dependencies with drug addiction in one comprehensive personality…

Woody Allen on Woody Allen

by Stig Bjorkman

“Woody Allen on Woody Allen is the best book ever published about Allen’s moviemaking. . . . This volume belongs topmost on every Allen…

What Just Happened?

by Art Linson

“Art Linson puts a film freak exactly where he or she wants to be: in the Fox screening room during the studio brass’s horrified first look at Fight Club . . . Linson gives readers a glimpse into a bizarre world where ‘It’s good’ is the absolute worst thing you…


by Alexander Walker

“This is the best book we have had on Vivien Leigh, the most thoroughly and shrewdly researched, the most acute in its realization that…

Thirty-Nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss

by Tom Davis

A memoir by Tom Davis, an original writer on Saturday Night Live and comedy partner with Al Franken, Thirty-nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss…

Sean Penn

by Richard T. Kelly

“Kelly draws on a rich array of exclusive interviews. . . . Film buffs and aspiring actors and screenwriters . . . will find…

Memo from Darryl F. Zanuck

by Rudy Behlmer

‘must-reading for anyone who wants or who needs to understand what the film business is really all about.” –Martin A. Grove, The Hollywood Reporter


by Michael Herr

“An essential first shot toward the critical re-evaluation of the life and work of one of the century’s greatest filmmakers.” –Anthony Walton, The Raleigh…

If They Move . . . Kill ‘Em!

by David Weddle

“Written in no-nonsense prose as lean as the laconic-cowpoke director himself, this fat bio reconstructs the trailblazing architect of The Wild Bunch.” –William O….