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Howard Hawks

by Todd McCarthy

“Spectacular . . . McCarthy’s thick, rich biography . . . chronicles in vivid detail how perhaps the last great popular artist in the…


by Nick Tosches

“The best rock ‘n’ roll biography ever written. . . . There is a novelistic intensity to this story of tragedy, triumph and love….


by Alexander Walker

“A fine, serious, readable attempt to understand a woman who became a star-cum-studio victim . . . informative, thoughtful, and understanding.” –The Listener

The Death of James Dean

by Warren Newton Beath

“Beath’s profiles of some of the odd, obsessed fans who keep the Dean legend alive [are] brilliant, recalling Nathanael West.” –Publishers Weekly

The Comedians

by Kliph Nesteroff

An expansive and endlessly entertaining history of stand-up comedy, spanning more than a century from vaudeville through radio, television, the counterculture, and the comedy…