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by Janheinz Jahn

“A rare piece of scholarship.” –The New York Times Book Review

Long Way to Go

by Jonathan Coleman

“Not since Gunnar Myrdal’s An American Dilemma has anyone laid bare America’s racial problems with such clarity, insight and drama. Coleman has written a…

Indaba, My Children

by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

“An absorbing collection of legends . . . This interesting and human book deserves a wide circle of readers.” –The Times Literary Supplement (London)

The Harder They Come

by Michael Thelwell

“The most authentic and evocative portrait of the Jamaican poor–the rich and sustaining vernacular of their culture, the sheer heroism of their economic existence–that…


by Jonathan Gill

“[A] panoramic history . . . Gill blends high-density research, political and cultural sophistication, and narrative drive to produce an epic worthy of its…


by Marc Nesbitt

“[The] stories are suffused with a sort of poetry. . . . Beautiful . . . Nesbitt is smart, dark, and funny, like a…

The Farrakhan Factor

by Amy Alexander

“Honest, unsparing and thorough in [its] discussion not only of Farrakhan, but also of the Nation of Islam, black nationalism and the state of…


by Olympia Vernon

“Daring [and] explosively supernatural. . . . [Eden is] a startling reminder of how forceful Southern magic can be.” –The New York Times Book…

A Dying Colonialism

by Frantz Fanon

“It is a clear call for the West to recognize the dignity of the non-Western man.” —African Forum

Doom Fox

by Iceberg Slim

“Iceberg Slim is a major creative influence on so many musicians and writers working outside the bland mainstream. . . . Slim always told…