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Woodcuts of Women

by Dagoberto Gilb

‘dagoberto Gilb is an important voice in American fiction. These stories of working class, low-rent lives illuminated by the small pleasures of sex and…


by Patricia Engel

“Gloriously gifted and alarmingly intelligent, Patricia Engel writes with an almost fable-like intensity. . . . Here, friends, is the debut I have been…

The Magic of Blood

by Dagoberto Gilb

“In stories both harsh and lovely, hopeful and heartbreaking, of men on the fringes of America, Dagoberto Gilb reveals a powerful new literary voice.”…

The Last Known Residence of Mickey Acuna

by Dagoberto Gilb

“His language is direct and strikingly honest, and yet he is also able to illuminate life’s transforming moments with a delicate appreciation of their…


by Dagoberto Gilb

“[Gritos] is a collection about prejudice and pride, told with the flair of a storyteller known for his fiction. . . . [Gilb’s] prose…

A Glass of Water

by Jimmy Santiago Baca

“This book is the best antidote around to the sorrowful, dehumanizing discourse on undocumented immigrants going on in Washington.” —Ilan Stavans

The Flowers

by Dagoberto Gilb

“The prospect of reading a novel narrated in run-on sentences, fragments, Spanish phrases and street slang might seem daunting, but not when you meet the precocious, Holden Caufieldesque narrator of Dagoberto Gilb’s coming-of-age novel . . . Sonny’s voice is mesmeric. It keeps us reading.” —Sarah Fay, New York Times…