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In France Profound

by T.D. Allman

From the National Book Award-longlisted author of Finding Florida, a sparkling, sweeping chronicle of the author’s life and discoveries in a town in “Deep France,”…

The Louvre

by James Gardner

The fascinating and little-known story of the Louvre, from its inception as a humble fortress to its transformation into the palatial residence of the…

The Rose of Martinique

by Andrea Stuart

“The Rose of Martinique is a comprehensive and truly empathetic biography. Andrea Stuart, who was raised in the Caribbean, combines scholarly distance with a…

Running in Place

by Nicholas Delbanco

“Delbanco writes beautifully. . . . It’s hard to imagine a better eye than Delbanco’s through which to see another part of the world.”…

Vino Business

by Isabelle Saporta

A shocking exposé of France’s wine industry by an acclaimed French journalist, Vino Business reveals the big-money deals, speculation, and shady practices that go…

The Sword and the Cross

by Fergus Fleming

“[A] searing story of France’s attempt to colonize the vast Sahara desert and of two unforgettable men who dedicated their lives to the effort….

The Retreat

by Patrick Rambaud

“In The Retreat, a novel much praised for its level of historical detail, French writer Patrick Rambaud locates little grandeur in the ghastly carnage of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. . . . Readers of Bernard Cornwell Sharpe’s novels will no doubt relish the prize-winning Rambaud’s hallucinogenic, frost-edged vision of Napoleon’s…

The Giant of the French Revolution

by David Lawday

The Giant of the French Revolution tells the story of George-Jacques Danton—visionary leader and tragic hero—in a work The Economist called “a gripping story,…

The French Revolution

by George Rude

“Intelligent. . . . No summary of the French Revolution’s complexities is likely soon to surpass George Rudé’s judicious synthesis. . . . One…

Bohemian Paris

by Dan Franck

“[Bohemian Paris] will captivate both serious and casual readers. . . . Marvelous and informative.” –Carol J. Binkowski, Library Journal (starred review)