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City of Laughter

by Temim Fruchter

A rich and riveting debut spanning four generations of Eastern European Jewish women bound by blood, half-hidden secrets, and the fantastical visitation of a…

Where Three Roads Meet

by Salley Vickers

“[A] glowing sliver of a novel . . . Utterly surprising . . . Where Three Roads Meet is a . . . profoundly…


by Jeanette Winterson

Condemned to shoulder the world, for ever, by the gods he dared defy, freedom seems unattainable to Atlas. But then he receives an unexpected…

Stories from a Ming Collection

by Cyril Birch

This selection of stories from Feng Menglong’s collection, Stories Old and New (originally published in 1624), includes representative types of the traditional art of…

A Short History of Myth

by Karen Armstrong

“What Armstrong does in her skid over the millennia is make comparisons, connections, and contrasts in a way that cannot fail to enlighten the general reader. What myth once did, novels now do . . . Myths are narratives: as she eloquently says, we shouldn’t be done with them yet.”…


by A.S. Byatt

From “one of the most brilliant minds and speakers of our generation” (The Independent) comes an extraordinary tale, inspired by the myth of Ragnarök.

The Penelopiad

by Margaret Atwood

“Atwood rescues Penelope from thousands of years of ho-hum-dom . . . part of Canongate’s innovative new reinventions of the classics.” –Yvonne Zipp, Christian…

My Grandmother’s Erotic Folktales

by Robert Antoni

“It’s magical stuff, outrageous and scatological, sharpened to a fine, funny point, and an entirely charming read.” –The Hartford Courant


by Ch'eng-en Wu

This classic combination of picaresque novel and folk epic is probably the most popular book in the history of the Far East.

Lion’s Honey

by David Grossman

“Not a mere retelling but a meticulous analysis and a commentary on the original text . . . Grossman paints us a portrait of…