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Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey

by Alberto Manguel

“Manguel is not only a gentleman and a scholar but a gentleman as a scholar, offering constellations of connected readings and insights with grace,…

The Helmet of Horror

by Victor Pelevin

“Sharp, funny and, what’s the word, numinous.” —Hugo Barnacle, Sunday Times (London)

Girl Meets Boy

by Ali Smith

“The plot primarily concerns the sisters’ changing perceptions, which Smith conveys in vibrant interior monologues and sublime prose.” —The New Yorker

The Fire Gospel

by Michel Faber

“The satire is so entertaining, the pace so sharp, the writing so witty . . . The Fire Gospel can be read easily in…

Dream Angus

by Alexander McCall Smith

“Elegant . . . Spare, polished . . . Smith fluidly weaves in contemporary vignettes.” —Publishers Weekly

Book of Songs

by Arthur Waley

“Of all the translations, the highest achievement is Mr. Arthur Waley’s’. A triumph at once of poetry and scholarship.” –The Observer (London)

Black Folktales

by Julius Lester

“Although these tales have been told before . . . Lester brings a fresh, street-talk language to them and thus breathes new life into…

Binu and The Great Wall

by Su Tong

“This, in its own curious way, is a wonderful read—with all of a fairy tale’s leaps and turns and queer, vivid images. . ….

Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

by Dubravka Ugresic

“[A] strange and wonderful book . . . I couldn’t stop reading. . . . Ugresic is affecting and eloquent . . . [and…