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The Wagner Clan

by Jonathan Carr

“Jonathan Carr’s history is formidable and, fortunately for readers, he has not been discouraged by the essentially disagreeable nature of this sprawling saga. ….

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

by Bill Brewster

“Brewster and Broughton . . . have written a lively and—to anyone with a more than casual interest in the history of popular music…

Handel’s Bestiary

by Donna Leon

From a master of literary crime fiction, a literary, visual, and musical exploration of Handel’s arias.


by Tim Brookes

“Brookes takes us on a riveting autobiographical odyssey through a charged, emotional world atremble with soulful yearnings, suspense and evolving American musical styles. ….

The Cello Suites

by Eric Siblin

“This is one of the most extraordinary, clever, beautiful, and impeccably researched books I have read in years. A fascinating story deftly told—and, for…

Anatomy of a Song

by Marc Myers

Based on the popular Wall Street Journal column Anatomy of a Song, the story behind the rock, R&B, and pop hits that have influenced…