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The Louvre

by James Gardner

The fascinating and little-known story of the Louvre, from its inception as a humble fortress to its transformation into the palatial residence of the…

The Wreck of the Medusa

by Jonathan Miles

“A fascinating look into the machinations of Restoration France revolving around the horrific wreck of an Africa-bound ship and the famed painting it inspired…

True Colors

by Anthony Haden-Guest

“A literate, knowledgeable, and highly personal voyage through the turbulence of the art world from 1973 to the present. One would be hard-pressed to…

Lewis Mumford

by Donald Miller

‘serious and substantial. . . . The value of this biography is its painstaking and competent assemblage of sources that explain Mr. Mumford’s character…

The Grove Book of Art Writing

by Martin Gayford

“Wonderfully direct excerpts from the correspondence, missives, interviews and essays of artists . . . [A] series of . . . revelatory pronouncements by…

The Dark Clue

by James Wilson

“A luscious Victorian thriller that . . . sends two characters from [Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White] on a brilliant literary mission. ….

a: A Novel

by Andy Warhol

“Hellish hymns from Amphetamine Heaven, the vox populi of the Velvet Underground . . . These people are witty and they are grand, they…