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The Twentieth Train

by Marion Schreiber

‘schreiber has told an inspiring story. [She has] portrayed the quiet but forceful and effective resistance, by ordinary Belgians, Jews and Christians alike, to…


by Fernando Morais

“[Olga’s] hunger for adventure, her sheer force of character, her passion and courage, called her to a strange and tragic destiny. . . ….

The Diary of Petr Ginz

by Petr Ginz

“Given his unprecedented situation, his words were unprecedented. He was creating new language. He was creating life. . . . By repairing the dictionary,…

The Deputy

by Rolf Hochhuth

“Shattering . . . powerful impact . . . one of the scarring moral parables of our age.” –New York Post

Commander of the Exodus

by Yoram Kaniuk

“Kaniuk portrays an ugly episode in history and provides much-needed historical depth to contemporary political debates.” –Publishers Weekly

The Cap

by Roman Frister

“Staggering in its honesty . . . a taut and compulsively readable narrative that makes fresh again horrors that have become familiar . ….

But You Did Not Come Back

by Marceline Loridan-Ivens

A phenomenal success in Europe, But You Did Not Come Back is an important addition to the library of Holocaust literature—a deeply moving story…

Broken for You

by Stephanie Kallos

A buoyant debut novel about two women in self-imposed exile whose worlds are transformed when their paths intersect, and a glorious homage to the beauty of broken things.