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The Wreck of the Medusa

by Jonathan Miles

“A fascinating look into the machinations of Restoration France revolving around the horrific wreck of an Africa-bound ship and the famed painting it inspired…

On the Missionary Trail

by Tom Hiney

“On the Missionary Trail . . . illuminate[s] the struggles of the nineteenth-century men and women who risked–and often lost–their lives to bring Christianity…

Ninety Degrees North

by Fergus Fleming

“[A] superb history of the conquest of the North Pole. . . . In Fleming’s vivid prose, their suffering becomes a fable of men…

Lost Kingdom

by Julia Flynn Siler

A sweeping epic of the brutal clash between a relentlessly expanding capitalist empire and a vulnerable Polynesian island kingdom, in a story of a…

Liberty’s Torch

by Elizabeth Mitchell

“Journalist Elizabeth Mitchell recounts the captivating story behind the familiar monument that readers may have assumed they knew everything about.” —Sam Roberts, New York…

The Industrial Revolutionaries

by Gavin Weightman

“[An] engaging survey . . . Weightman expertly marshals his cast of characters across continents and centuries, forging a genuinely global history that brings the collaborative, if competitive, business of…

The Book of Absinthe

by Phil Baker

“Baker’s witty, eminently readable, erudite history of absinthe is a must for the cocktail aficionado.” –Wine & Spirits

Barrow’s Boys

by Fergus Fleming

“An engrossing and moving story of high endeavour and frustrated hope. . . . Get hold of this book and read it.” –Barry Unsworth, Sunday Telegraph…