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Saddam Hussein

by Efraim Karsh

“Karsh and Rautsi have set a standard for evidence and analytical rigor that other biographers will be hard-pressed to match… Not only do the full documentation and precise style reflect a long investment in research and writing, but the authors have produced a subtle interpretation of Saddam, which casts him…

Saint Joan of Arc

by Vita Sackville-West

“[A] book in which the most dramatic, significant, moving and inexplicable life story in secular history is told quietly and authoritatively, not merely in…

The Rose of Martinique

by Andrea Stuart

“The Rose of Martinique is a comprehensive and truly empathetic biography. Andrea Stuart, who was raised in the Caribbean, combines scholarly distance with a…

Tom Paine

by John Keane

“A good introduction to a complex historical character. . . . Provide[s] an engaging perspective on England, America, and France in the tumultuous years…

The Three Roosevelts

by James MacGregor Burns

…reshaped the last century and whose values are resilient even at the beginning of the next one. They have explored what each of these personalities–for they were more, and less, than ordinary people–thought and, more importantly, what they thought when they did what they did.” –David M. Shribman, Boston Globe…


by Fernando Morais

“[Olga’s] hunger for adventure, her sheer force of character, her passion and courage, called her to a strange and tragic destiny. . . ….

My Traitor’s Heart

by Rian Malan

‘malan is bent on uncovering another level altogether of South African life, and he does so beautifully. . . . He sharply expands our…

Mistress to an Age

by J. Christopher Herold

“Mr. Herold’s full-bodied biography is clear-eyed, intelligent, and written with abundant wit and zest.” –The Atlantic Monthly

Madame Chiang Kai-shek

by Laura Tyson Li

“Madame Chiang Kai-Shek belongs with Eleanor Roosevelt and Eva Peron as three of the most politically influential women of the past century.” —Deirdre Donahue,…

Lewis Mumford

by Donald Miller

‘serious and substantial. . . . The value of this biography is its painstaking and competent assemblage of sources that explain Mr. Mumford’s character…