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The Gandhi Reader

by Homer Jack

“The best of Gandhi in every area,”complete enough to give the reader not just a sampling”but a quite comprehensive grasp of Gandhi’s philosophy of…

Evita, First Lady

by John Barnes

“John Barnes describes her life with a veteran storyteller’s robust style, rich in fascinating detail and confidential anecdote.” –Chicago Sun-Times

The Devil That Danced on the Water

by Aminatta Forna

“Powerful. . . . At once impassioned, lucid, and understandably enraged, The Devil That Danced on the Water illuminates the troubled, tragic history of…

Che Guevara

by Jon Lee Anderson

“Excellent . . . admirably honest [and] staggeringly researched . . . It is unlikely that after Anderson’s exhaustive contribution, much more will be…

The Cap

by Roman Frister

“Staggering in its honesty . . . a taut and compulsively readable narrative that makes fresh again horrors that have become familiar . ….

Arafat’s War

by Efraim Karsh

“The savage battle between Palestinians and Israelis is often presented as if it were historically predestined.  But in this eye-opening and exhaustively researched book,…

Agent Storm

by Morten Storm

“Highly credible . . . Both a rollicking read and a rare insider’s account of Western spying in the age of al Qaeda ….