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Crown & Sceptre

by Tracy Borman

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II’s historic 70th anniversary on the throne, Tracy Borman’s sweeping narrative of the British monarchy illuminates one of…

Twilight of the Habsburgs

by Alan Palmer

“Alan Palmer’s lucid and intelligent biography . . . is an evocative portrait of the empire and the old-school monarch who ruled it for…

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

by Alison Weir

“Impeccable research . . . Entertaining . . . The story of England’s second Tudor monarch and his rather sordid marital life has been…

Prince of Pleasure

by Saul David

‘morton”has written a scholarly but highly readable bio, filled with rich analysis and insight. He says more in his limited space than many others…

Nell Gwyn

by Charles Beauclerk

“A lively portrait of his famous forebears, along with an account of the theater of the time and the surprisingly parallel worlds of prostitutes…

Madame de Pompadour

by Christine Pevitt Algrant

“A story of lust, greed, and calculation. Historical drama related with great flair and knowing affection for the colorful characters’ all too-human foibles.” –Kirkus…