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by Michael Kardos

From a writer who “dazzles with prose strength and style” (Michael Koryta), Bluff takes us deep inside the fraught and fascinating world of a…

The Bomb Maker

by Thomas Perry

“There are probably only half a dozen suspense writers alive who can be depended upon to deliver high-voltage shocks; vivid, sympathetic characters; and compelling…


by A. P.

“Sabine [is] a louche little tale of schoolgirl crushes and steamy makeout sessions, bloody fox hunts and formal balls, a hint of the supernatural,…

What Comes Next

by John Katzenbach

“Katzenbach’s wonderful, tense narrative flows effortlessly, drawing you deeper and deeper into a chilling atmosphere of evil, darkness, and shadows.” —The Miami Herald

The Unfortunate Englishman

by John Lawton

The second book in the new series featuring Joe Wilderness, a portrait of 1960s Berlin and Khrushchev’s Moscow, centering around the exchange of two…

Then We Take Berlin

by John Lawton

“A wonderfully written and generally wise book that will thrill readers with an interest in WWII and the early Cold War era.” —Publishers Weekly…

Sweet Sunday

by John Lawton

“Sweet Sunday is set in the tumultuous ’60s . . . in the U.S., where private eye Turner Raines has a specialty: tracking down…

A String of Beads

by Thomas Perry

The eighth breakneck thriller featuring Jane Whitefield, described by the Wall Street Journal as “the sort of protagonist most crime novelists would kill for,”…

The Star of Istanbul

by Robert Olen Butler

“The Star of Istanbul has it all: history galore, exotic foreign settings, a world-weary yet engaging protagonist, villains in abundance and a romance worthy…

Shooting Elvis

by Robert Eversz

“Whip smart . . . Best described as punk noir, it takes the sardonic bite of Raymond Chandler and sets it to the mosh-pit…