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Old Flames

by John Lawton

“A rich mixture of political intrigue and old-fashioned mayhem. . . . Tangled webs of deceit are standard in mysteries, but British author John…

The Old Man

by Thomas Perry

The toppling of a Middle Eastern government suddenly makes a decades-old case a priority for American military intelligence in this new high-wire act from…

A Little White Death

by John Lawton

“John Lawton is so captivating a storyteller that I’d happily hear him out on any subject. . . . Meticulous artistry . . ….

A Lily of the Field

by John Lawton

Set in Vienna, London, and the United States, and spanning 1934 to 1948, John Lawton’s brilliant novel A Lily of the Field follows the…

Jack of Spades

by Joyce Carol Oates

In this new literary thriller from Joyce Carol Oates, when a venerated mystery writer is accused of plagiarism by a strange woman from his…

The Hot Country

by Robert Olen Butler

From the Pulitzer Prize and National Magazine Award–winning Robert Olen Butler comes his first crime novel, a sweeping saga of espionage, suspense, action, and…

Gypsy Hearts

by Robert Eversz

“Smart-alecky, frequently hilarious storytelling, with brainy send-ups of vampiric Europeans and idiotic Americans on the dark side of the post-Cold War Grand Tour.” —Kirkus…

Forty Thieves

by Thomas Perry

A devilishly plotted chase-and-pursuit novel by “a master of nail-biting suspense” (Los Angeles Times), featuring a husband-and-wife detective team hired to look into the…

Flesh Wounds

by John Lawton

“Few novelists have given me more pleasure in recent years than John Lawton. . . . Lawton writes with such style, intelligence, irreverence, political…

The Empire of Night

by Robert Olen Butler

In the thrilling third installment of the Christopher Marlowe Cobb series, Kit discovers a secret plan to transform Zeppelins into dangerous killing machines—and to…