Rights & Permissions

To inquire about Grove Atlantic usage rights or other permissions, please refer to the information and guidelines offered below.

  • Domestic Rights

    To inquire about all other rights including film rights, excerpt in a magazine or other periodical, audio, large-print, web extract, and book club rights, please contact Grove Atlantic by e-mail: rights@groveatlantic.com.

  • Performance/Film Rights:

    For our plays: Grove Atlantic does not control the performance rights to any of the plays it publishes. All inquiries concerning any performance of any play must be made in advance to the rights holder. No professional or nonprofessional performance of a play may be given without first obtaining written permission to perform from the rights holder and paying the requisite fee, whether or not the play is performed for charity or gain and regardless of whether admission is charged. Grove Atlantic play scripts may not be used as acting scripts for the performance of a play. Rather, copies must be purchased from the licensing agent in a licensed acting edition.

    In general, amateur and stock performance rights are controlled by the two main licensing agencies:

  • The copyright page of the Grove Press edition of the play contains information about whom to contact regarding performance rights.

    For film/performance rights inquiries for our other books: please contact Grove Atlantic by e-mail: rights@groveatlantic.com.