Rights & Permissions

To inquire about Grove Atlantic usage rights or other permissions, please refer to the information and guidelines offered below.

  • Publishers with Similar Names

    We are often confused with a number of other publishers that have no connection with Grove Atlantic. Any requests we receive for titles published by these publishers are returned, not forwarded.

    The Atlantic Monthly magazine is not connected in any way with Grove Atlantic. Requests should be directed to The Atlantic: permissions@theatlantic.com.

    Grove Dictionaries are not connected in any way with Grove Atlantic. Requests should be directed to Oxford University Press: permissions@oup-usa.org.

    Atlantic Monthly Press titles published prior to 1986 and titles published under the Atlantic-Little, Brown imprint: Rights to these titles were retained by Little, Brown and requests should be directed to the Hachette Book Group USA: permissions@hbgusa.com.

    Weidenfeld & Nicolson had a brief appearance as a US publisher. For Weidenfeld & Nicolson titles not published either under the Weidenfeld & Nicolson New York imprint or by Grove Weidenfeld, you must go to Orion Publishing Group: :rights.enquiries@orionbooks.co.uk.

    Grove Press Films was disbanded in 1985 and Grove Atlantic no longer handles the rights to the collection. The films have been donated to the Harvard Film Archive and they now control the collection. Requests should go to the Archive directly.

  • Specific Authors and Titles: Rights We Don’t Control

    We do not control permissions rights for a number of authors whose titles we either currently publish or published in the past. Among others, we do not control permissions rights for the following:

    Eric Berne: Random House, Inc.
    George Breitman, Malcolm X Speaks: Pathfinder Press
    Robert Coover: Georges Borchardt, Inc.
    e.e. cummings, One Hundred Poems: W.W. Norton & Company
    Jack Kerouac: Sterling Lord Literistic
    Alex Haley, The Autobiography of Malcolm X: Random House, Inc.