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Tropic of Cancer

“There is an eager vitality and exuberance to the writing which is exhilarating; a rush of spirit into the world as though all the…

Tropic of Capricorn

“Miller has once and for all blasted away the very foundation of human hypocrisy–moral, social, and political. . . . The grandest passages are…


“At times uproariously funny . . . may be Miller’s masterpiece.” —Choice


“Plexus is the core volume in The Rosy Crucifixion: the volume which has the most complete description of Henry Miller’s basic values, beliefs, opinions,…


“The Rosy Crucifixion may be Miller’s masterpiece. . . . The trilogy belongs in every American literature collection.” —Choice


“A work of extraordinary political consciousness, predicated upon the longing savagely to corrode, or better yet, explode the foundations of a world of wage slavery and commercial empires. . . . Like Notes from Underground, it is a novel ambitious of being more than a novel.” —Peter Anderson, Boston Review…

Crazy Cock

“To write, Miller always required an air of the literary, and Crazy Cock supplies the blueprint.” —The New York Times Book Review

Black Spring

“In Black Spring the old charmer is back at work, charming again. ‘This man, this skull, this music’ have good things in them, like a honeycomb. Henry Miller . . . reflects the light of joy and writes most sweetly.” —The New York Times Book Review…