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The Voice of the Turtle

by Peter Bush

“This polymorphic collection demonstrates a variety of styles (agrarian myth, beach-lit erotica, heretic surrealism, urban drollery) and a range of settings (plantation, mountain, Miami…

They’re at It Again

by Joanna Yas

The best stories from one of the brightest beacons of independent literature, Open City magazine.


by Richard Stratton

“Brace yourself for a slam-dunk of a movie . . . [Slam] makes Godard’s Breathless look like a cartoon. . . . Independent filmmaking…

The Seasons of the Angler

by David Seybold

“The authors whose work Mr. Seybold has collected in this fisherman’s anthology have created an astonishing variety of effects from their basically limited means–a…

The Postmoderns: The New American Poetry Revised

by Donald M. Allen

United by their “postmodernist” concerns with spontaneity, “instantism,” formal and syntactic flexibility, and the revelation of both the creator and the process through the…

One Act

by Samuel Moon

Eleven one-act plays that present the major figures of the modern theatre, including August Strindberg, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Eugene Ionesco, and more.

On the Couch

by Erica Kates

“Eavesdrop on the therapeutic process as eighteen world-class storytellers take the reader into the charged space between patient and analyst.” –Elle

Nine Plays of the Modern Theatre

by Harold Clurman

“The nine plays included in this volume are not only modern by date, 1944-1975, but in their dramatization . . . . Though each…

Ninety-Nine Poems in Translation

by Harold Pinter

“Paging through the poems becomes a delightful chance to catch . . . The cacophony of voices, the range of styles, cultures, and time…

New Japanese Voices

by Helen Mitsios

“A happy marriage of contemporary Western culture with the traditional Japanese sensibility makes this story collection by young Japanese writers a worthwhile successor to…