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The Literary Dog

by Jeanne Schinto

“Schinto’s primary interest is great, contemporary short stories. The works of Doris Lessing, Alice Adams, Tobias Wolff, John Updike, and thirty other talented authors…

Grove New American Theatre

by Michael Feingold

“[Ethyl Eichelberger] is…a rare and idiosyncratic comic spirit . . . [He] punctured pretension while retaining his sense of the ridiculous.” –The New York…

The Grove Book of Art Writing

by Martin Gayford

“Wonderfully direct excerpts from the correspondence, missives, interviews and essays of artists . . . [A] series of . . . revelatory pronouncements by…

The Grove Book of Hollywood

by Christopher Silvester

“For anyone who enjoys the rich folklore, strange tribal rites, and tarnished idols of the celluloid jungles, the book is a feast.” –Entertainment Weekly

Freeman’s: Arrival

by John Freeman

A new anthology from renowned literary critic John Freeman, Freeman’s: Arrival features never before published stories by Haruki Murakami, Louise Erdrich, Dave Eggers, Etgar…

Freeman’s: Family

by John Freeman

The second issue of a new anthology from renowned literary critic John Freeman, featuring never-before-published stories, essays, and poetry by Claire Messud, Aminatta Forna,…

Freeman’s: Home

by John Freeman

The new issue of the acclaimed anthology from literary critic John Freeman spotlights never-before-published stories, essays, and poetry by Edwidge Danticat, Herta Müller, Juan…

Flight Patterns

by Dorothy Spears

These writings exude the primal fear and cool perspective that can only come from seeing the world—and one’s own life—from a great distance. Flight Patterns renders…

The Fatal Eggs and Other Soviet Satires

by Mirra Ginsburg

“A fascinating panorama of a paradoxical society. All of the stories, whether lightly spoofing rattlebrained bureaucracy or heavily laden with sarcasm, are well-written and…